Barcelona Tech City
25/02/2020 18:00h - Carrer de Provença, 08008 Barcelona

Meetup Global LEGALTECH Hub – #TechSpirit

The first Legaltech Meetup Networking is here, our proposal? Corporations, Investors and Startups in a beautiful restaurant in Barcelona.


The Global legal tech hub opens the first of its activities to the entire Legaltech community, the entity’s partners invite the first 100th Corporates, Investors, Startups from the legaltech ecosistem.

This ticket’s purpose is solely to manage the access to Welcome Meetup Networking #TechSpirit Barcelona event and guarantee the good functioning of such and everyone’s safety. It doesn’t guarantee a spot to the specific event.

Access and participation to the activities depends entirely on the specific methodology of the event and the venue’s capacity. If you want to ensure being able to participate make sure to arrive promptly. First come, first served.

If someone has no invitation, please contact – thank you all for making it possible!