Barcelona Tech City
26/02/2020 16:00h - ADEVINTA GLORIES Ciutat de Granada 150 Planta 9

Proptech Spirit

Join the PropTech Community!

A networking activity for start-ups, scale-ups, and investors. The Activity will include 5 minutes open pitch of a maximum of 10 companies: 5 scale-ups talking about their newest functions of solutions added to their core business and 5 startups that have taken off recently.

The audience will give feedback to them (Q&A) and, as a resume at the end of the activity, we will discuss ways to keep growing as a Community. The companies will be able to release demos or beta-state pilots to the audience to get feedback from them.

Investors will be welcome. They will be able to discover new companies, new business models and new functionalities from scale-ups. It will help them to understand the trends and the actions the PropTech Community is boosting to identify the most valuables companies.

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