Barcelona Tech City
26/02/2020 10:00h - Tech Stage

Research in tech: Why, how and myths

Mar Gonzalez (Microsoft Research), Carlos Herrera (Cabify)

Abstract: in this firechat two of the most prominent tech scientist of spanish origin will sit down and discuss the realities of doing applied research. Why both big companies and startups invest in innovation. And will try to debunk some of the myths associated with innovation. Such as:

– only big companies can afford it.
– tech is only for tech companies.
– startups are better at innovation than big companies.

The two scientists will also try to figure out why is it so hard to predict worldwide disruptions across the markets and what are the effects of disruption in society.
About the experts: Dr Mar Gonzalez Franco is a Senior Researcher with Microsoft where she works at the edge of Spatial Computing and on the wild use of technologies.

Dr Carlos Herrera Yague is the VP of Data at Cabify and his research focus is human mobility.